Global Cannabis Applications is the Most Underrated Blockchain Play!

In the financial markets today, no discussion is ever complete without mentioning the blockchain. The clever name behind the decentralized distributed digital ledger is all the rage. Of particular interest is the reward token associated with operating the blockchain’s verification process. These cryptocurrencies have turned into one of the most profitable investments in human history.

Evolving from niche, tech-geek communities into the mainstream consciousness, virtually everyone wants a piece of the blockchain. Driven by either the implications of the technology or the allure of massive profitability, investors are seeking deeper exposure to cryptocurrencies. Even the most renowned virtual currency critics, such as Mad Money’s Jim Cramer, have been forced to acknowledge the blockchain’s seductive pull.

Not surprisingly, we’ve witnessed an influx of publicly-traded companies claiming to be viable blockchain players. Also without surprise, results are mixed.

But for true exposure to a decentralized future, investors should look no further than Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (CSE: APP) (OTCQB: FUAPF). Using both the blockchain and the burgeoning medical cannabis industry as tailwinds, Global Cannabis Applications is a unique, double-edged sword!


GCAC Goes Beyond the Hype of the Blockchain

To be quite blunt, businesses advertising the utilization of blockchain technologies are a dime a dozen. Like cloud computing, blockchain has become a trendy, catch-all phrase. But whether or not the organizations marketing the digital ledger genuinely understand the innovation is questionable. Furthermore, several proposed uses of the blockchain move well into the realm of science fiction.

An immutable, distributed ledger system has obvious implications for data security, financial transactions, and cost accounting. What’s not so evident are spurious uses: there’s a cryptocurrency specifically levered to the adult entertainment industry. How the blockchain could ever “improve” such a sector remains a mystery.

Nevertheless, an abundance of hype isn’t necessarily a bad gig. For instance, check out Bitcoin Services, Inc. (OTC: BTSC). Despite having an obscure business plan, and an even more vague website, Bitcoin Services shares jumped 422% last November. But try to contact these over-the-counter companies, and you’ll be lucky to receive an automated “robo” message.

Again, hype is great for a short-term burst of profitability. But what you want in a long-term investment is substance. Global Cannabis Applications, in utilizing the blockchain, goes beyond a white paper – that mission statement that everyone seems to reference, but few people bother to read. Instead, the GCAC team puts the rubber on the road, delivering traction to a much-demanded sector.

In the contentious 2016 U.S. general election, a record number of states voted for marijuana legalization to varying degrees. In other parts of the world, medical cannabis has reached unprecedented acceptance, spurring legalization for such pursuits. These are wonderful developments in terms of civil liberties and therapeutic options. However, how does one make sense of this uncharted territory?

GCAC provides comprehensive coverage for government bodies transitioning towards the medical cannabis industry. Utilizing the blockchain, authorities have access to an immutable supply chain process, where every cog in the gear is accounted for, and verified via consensus. This decentralized distribution of information also imposes disincentives against corruption or other forms of data manipulation.

Just as importantly, the blockchain technology provides a superior, more efficient way to collect and store medical data. Through GCAC’s predictive analytics programs, medical professionals can access a clear pathway between patient symptoms, and the specific cannabis compound that addresses those ailments.

This “pain to strain” procedure was previously cost-prohibitive to implement. Today, thanks to technological advancements and the GCAC teams’ unique ability to actualize innovations into the practical realm, medical cannabis is a step closer to global integration.


With GCAC, It’s All About “People, People, People”

In analyzing “blockchain investments,” one common motif begins to materialize: many, if not most would-be investors are focused strictly on the technology, and not on the organization. While no one will argue that the digital-ledger concept that sparked the cryptocurrency rally isn’t crazy sexy, artificial intelligence is only as good as its programmer.

Yes, the blockchain is intelligently designed, and yes, it will revolutionize the way we conduct business in the future. But humans will always remain the impetus behind those businesses and transactions. That is, a blockchain platform cannot operate independently from the human operator. It cannot self-verify, nor can it confirm events outside the scope of its programming.

This dynamic leads to a pet peeve among true computer programmers, not “fanboys” that believe they’re blockchain experts on account of purchasing one-hundredth of a bitcoin. The lay observer thinks the distributed ledger is about “technology, technology, technology.” In contrast, it has always been about “people, people, people.”

Irrespective of technology, you are nowhere without strong leadership and an effective management team. This, above all else, is why discerning investors should consider Global Cannabis Applications and FUAPF stock.

GCAC chose not to brand itself with inane, irrelevant references to bitcoin. Instead, Global Cannabis Applications CEO Bradley Moore understands that his company is about delivering world-class, superior services to streamline the medical marijuana industry. The blockchain, as impressive and revolutionary as it is, is still a tool.

With over 20 years of business leadership experience with Fortune 500 companies, Moore has a proven track record in converting high-level, theoretical concepts into practical, substantive solutions.

That’s not to say that GCAC isn’t a genuine blockchain investment, because it is. Jason Webb, CEO of GCAC Australia, is one of the world’s foremost experts in accelerating disruptive technologies. As a Director of Marketing for Homesafe Solutions – one of Australia’s most trusted investment firms – Webb has carefully harnessed digital innovations that offer applied, usable solutions to complex challenges. GCAC doesn’t use technologies as marketing gimmicks; rather, they’re the integral assets that make everything tick.

Finally, what every investor can truly appreciate about GCAC is credibility. Too often, “blockchain companies” reveal themselves to be run by no-name, high school kids. While youth is obviously prominent in the tech sphere, nothing reassures investors plunking down their hard-earned capital than provenance.

Combined, Moore, Webb, and GCAC CFO Alexander Helmel have over a half-century of executive level experience. They’re not spending hours at coffee shops writing esoteric white papers, pontificating about macro issues they have no hope of addressing. Instead, these hardened executives are implementing real solutions for real people, underlining the value of FUAPF stock.


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