MariMed Inc.’s Integrated Approach to Cannabis a Boon For Green Investors!

While the 2016 U.S. general election sparked intense political controversies that still reverberate today, one comparatively underappreciated event also occurred: a record number of states opened the ballot box for legal marijuana to varying degrees, and all but one voted against it.

The lone outlier was Arizona, which was always going to be a tough sell for “botanical” advocates. Nevertheless, Time declared that 2016 “may go down as a watershed for weed.” Of the nine states that voted on cannabis measures, five of them decided on recreational usage. This is a strong indicator that the average American is loosening their moral vice grip against the much-maligned and misunderstood plant.

Certainly, the hard numbers back up the public sentiment. Colorado is living confirmation that marijuana is a wide-open opportunity for economic expansion. In 2014, cannabis-related revenue streams brought in just under $700 million. Two years later, “green” businesses in the state accounted for over $1.3 billion in revenue, and last year, they combined for a record $1.5 billion.

We have no doubt in mind: the cannabis industry is the next, big wave, providing jobs and much-needed tax revenues for cash-strapped states. But venturing into this sphere is a challenge all on its own. That’s where MariMed Inc. (OTCQB: MRMD) and its holistic approach to marijuana-related businesses makes all the difference!

MariMed Navigates the Wild Cannabis Landscape

To outsiders, the legalization of weed across vast stretches of the U.S. appears a cut-and-dry deal, especially for those states that approved recreational marijuana. The common misconception was that on January 1, 2017, cannabis users and patients could simply walk up to their local dispensary and buy their allotment, only limited by their wallet.

In reality, the situation was far more convoluted and nuanced. For instance, in California, recreational benefits didn’t take effect until January 1st of this year. Prior to that, the old rules were enforced. Moreover, “recreational” doesn’t necessarily mean complete freedom. Dispensaries in the Bear Republic can’t sell marijuana products between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m, and many other restrictions apply.

Thus, the marijuana business isn’t just about marketing, pricing and consumer analytics, which is already a massive undertaking. Potential dispensary owners also have to deal with the legal landscape – any misstep could result in severe penalties. Fortunately, MariMed and its team of legal and business management experts navigate their clients away from the industry’s pitfalls and towards trouble-free success.

Unlike other Companies that only have a narrow focus or specialty, MariMed (OTCQB: MRMD) delivers turnkey solutions for the entire spectrum of the cannabis industry. Whether a client needs legal services, assistance in the application and licensing process, or even a complete layout and design for a cultivation facility, MariMed delivers the appropriate experts to ensure full satisfaction.

Unrivaled Expertise and Experience

Despite the extraordinary opportunities awaiting cannabis entrepreneurs, a key deficit within the industry is credibility. You’ll find no shortage of eager players ready to apply their botanical talents. But as previously outlined, success in the marijuana sector requires more than just pure talent. Legal and social dynamics are in flux, requiring skilled guidance.

Furthermore, medicinal cannabis companies may find the business environment particularly challenging due to difficult public perception among certain population groups. While a Gallup poll conducted in October of last year reported that 64% of Americans favor marijuana legalization, that still leaves a significant number against such measures.

MariMed Founder and CEO Robert Fireman earned his “street cred” as an early pioneer of the medical cannabis industry. Through his extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of law, entrepreneurialism, and the investment markets, he has helped several cannabis-centered businesses to lasting, sustainable success.

At his side are co-founder and CFO Jon Levine and COO Timothy Shaw. Levine has over a quarter-century of management experience in finance, human resources, real estate development, and healthcare. He has negotiated commercial real estate deals for high-dollar clients, and is particularly adept at cannabis tax reporting and code requirements.

Shaw brings over 20 years of experience in business leadership and operational efficiencies. His technical specialty in cultivation and facilities management has made him especially vital to MariMed’s unrivaled accomplishments. Thanks to Shaw’s renowned abilities to streamline operations and cut needless waste, he delivers top results for MariMed clients and tremendous value for MRMD shareholders.

MRMD Stock Poised for Future Growth!

When most investors think about “weed stocks,” they regard them as highly speculative vehicles. For the most part, they’re right. It’s exceptionally difficult to find opportunities in the cannabis investment sector whose market valuations don’t gyrate all over the map. That said, MariMed takes a responsible approach to their equity.

As CEO Fireman affirmed, MariMed does not take lightly the responsibility they owe to their shareholders. Rather than relying on marketing gimmicks or engaging in high-risk endeavors, MariMed structures their corporate investments to first and foremost protect their stakeholders. From there, the company pushes for stable, rational growth.

What astute investors appreciate about MariMed is that their statements carry genuine resonance. Since 2013, MRMD stock has consistently delivered outsized annual returns on a monthly average basis. The only miss during this time period was in 2015, which was just before the contentious and controversial election campaign trail.

Aside from comparatively few volatile events, MRMD stock has been the gold standard of consistency in the marijuana investing market. On a monthly average-price basis, investors saw nearly 122% profitability in 2016, which exploded to 200% returns in 2017. Patience with this opportunity has been the critical motif.

While past results are not guaranteed indicators of future performance, prospects certainly look very bright for MRMD stock. With several states moving ahead with recreational usage, government agencies will soon recognize tax revenue benefits. In addition, job creation from cannabis companies would likely incentivize favorable local and municipal regulations to spark continued economic growth.

All in all, MariMed is well-positioned to advantage the extraordinary legal and social paradigm shift. And with MRMD stock being an undervalued and understated commodity, investors can potentially enjoy robust profitability that is rarely possible anywhere else.

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