Stony Hill Corp Primed for Success in the Cannabis Industry

Leveraging tremendous brand presence and a long-term vision, Stony Hill delivers credibility in “professional marijuana.”

No other time in modern history has been as conducive for cannabis-related businesses as the present era. The contentious 2016 U.S. elections disappointed the majority of the electorate. However, within that broader drama was a stone-cold fact: marijuana legalization was approved in a record number of states. Public and political sentiment was shifting positively for “herbal activists,” setting the stage for Stony Hill Corp (OTCQB: STNY).

As a vertically-integrated cannabis organization, Stony Hill Corp delivers a level of professionalism and expertise that is not common within the herbal industry. President Chris Bridges leads an eclectic and talented team, whose combined skill sets include broad-ranging proficiencies from accounting, aviation, investment banking, and the music industry. Such diversity organically facilitates out-of-the-box thinking, an absolute necessity in the dynamic cannabis sector.

The most visible presence within Stony Hill’s distinguished team is Damian “Jr Gong” Marley. The youngest son of iconic reggae legend Bob Marley, Damian forged his own path in the rough-and-tumble music industry. In 2006, he became the first ever reggae artist to take home a Grammy award in a non-reggae category. The groundbreaking album “Welcome to Jamrock” also won the Grammy for “Best Reggae” album, just for good measure.

As owner and a board member, Marley represents Stony Hill’s pivotal core. Unlike so many other companies that merely rely on superficial celebrity endorsements, Marley is hands-on with every cog in the gear. This is his company and his brand, incentivizing the utmost care and passion for the entire organization.

From an investor’s perspective, Stony Hill’s business model and executive management team provides an extra level of assurance and confidence. Inevitably, the burgeoning but relatively young cannabis industry raises multiple questions. What makes STNY stand out from the rest of the competition is that fundamentally, this is a viable business whose key partner happens to have celebrity leverage– In other words, STNY isn’t a shopfront with Marley’s face on the cover. Rather, the whole team is dedicated to providing superior, streamlined services in the cannabis market.

They have been building a brand, infrastructure, relationships and distribution network that could potentially help them launch other products and businesses focused on new areas in the space. All potential future catalysts to drive the future of the stock.


The Vertical Advantage for Stony Hill Corp

Inevitably, many, if not most investors will find Damian Marley’s active role in Stony Hill Corp as the deciding factor in pulling the trigger on STNY stock. Marley’s incredible work ethic and his vision for the company ensures that such a decision isn’t unjustified. Nevertheless, potential buyers should also key in on an integral component of Stony Hill’s business strategy.

Listed in their official, public description is the term “vertically-integrated” company. Analysts will often gloss over that distinction as merely a scalar description. But given the unique attributes that Stony Hill levers, vertical integration provides the catalyst for far-reaching success that any other platform could not offer.

Vertical integration is a type of business strategy that involves a company having “full” ownership of its supply chain network. Recently, vertical integration made headlines when media organizations bought out satellite TV providers. In this arrangement, a media firm doesn’t just create content – it can now distribute that content as well.

In sharp contrast to the vertical-integration model is horizontal integration. In this strategy, a business will acquire competitors within the same industry and within the same production stage. A good example is a tire manufacturer buying out other tire manufacturers, often in the hopes of creating a virtual monopoly.

In many cases, vertical integration results in much more cooperative and constructive relationships. As STNY has proven, the cannabis industry responds more positively to this model, producing better business arrangements and ultimately, superior services and products to the end-user.

One of the earlier successes for Stony Hill involved its ownership of High Times, one of the oldest and most respected cannabis authorities. Through High Times, Stony Hill has a powerful platform to draw attention to trending developments within the consumer market. Likewise, the renowned publication benefits from a focused and professional organization.

The vertical advantage aligns perfectly with STNY President Bridges’ goal to “positively disrupt the cannabis industry across multiple categories.” Completely dissimilar to a hostile takeover, Stony Hill wants to fully strengthen each component of the cannabis supply chain. Since each cog in this chain occupies a different phase in the production line, the competitive drive is focused on the end goal, not on each other.


The Stony Hill Difference

When assessing the Stony Hill opportunity, what immediately separates the company from all like-competitors is management’s single-minded focus and commitment. Investing in STNY stock isn’t just about bullishness towards marijuana legalization; it’s about the potential for delivering unique experiences and superior products, all under one umbrella.

Not stereotypically known as a disciplined industry, an average cannabis firm with a celebrity backer would likely take the easy way out – throw in a licensing deal, and have the celebrity essentially prance around to create buzz and generate sales. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this approach. However, it’s been duplicated several times, particularly by big-name organizations.

Such tactics and tricks might have worked for prior generations. Today, Millennials represent the largest working population in the U.S., according to the Pew Research Center. This is the generation that will continue to be the catalyst in the American economic machinery for decades to come. Failure to understand and meet Millennials’ needs would be a categorical error for any company.

And what exactly do young, upwardly mobile Americans want? It all comes down to one word: authenticity. According to The Huffington Post’s Matthew Tyson, Millennials “are not moved by flashy ads, big promises, and ‘wow’ factor. They want authentic messages, authentic brands, and authentic interactions.”

This is the single-most important reason why Damian Marley’s active presence is vital to Stony Hill’s long-term success. While other companies may only focus on the advertising impact, research upon research indicates that most Millennials are unaffected by corporate superficialities.

What Marley offers for STNY investors is unparalleled engagement. In any other celebrity-endorsement deal, the message is pre-packaged and delivered via a sanitized channel. Invariably, the heart of the story becomes filtered through public-relations officers and advertising executives. This is exactly what Millennials don’t want to see.

Instead, what you have with Stony Hill is more akin to a family atmosphere. Interests are aligned, along with a shared vision for the company’s trajectory. Damian Marley is not a marketing ploy, but instead plays an integral role in STNY’s businesses and future strategies. Because of this distinctive advantage, Stony Hill offers one of the most exciting opportunities in the cannabis sector.


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